Porcelain pot ART 2-h 62 cm
Porcelain pot ART 2-h 62 cm Porcelain pot ART 2-h 62 cm

Porcelain pot ART 2-h 62 cm

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Porcelain pot ART 2, a unique Chinese pot Jing De Zhen pottery city production.

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Porcelain pots are handmade in the Chinese city of Jing De Zhen and represent Chinese art and culture.

Jing De Zhen’s porcelain tradition has a long and prestigious history. In a Chinese source written in 1322, pottery furnaces had already been in operation during the Tang Dynasty (618-907), but regular activity would have begun only during the Song Dynasty (960-1279).

During several different dynasties, masterpieces have been created, the authors of which are known as. These creations were accurately duplicated into products and the same colors, designs and shapes preserved for centuries while respecting different traditions.

Dimensions: 61 cm high, wide middle section ∅ 39 cm. mouth ∅ 19.74 cm.

Net weight: 8170 g.

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62 cm
38 cm
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