Natural soap Elegance Zeyten
Natural soap Elegance Zeyten pink clove violet daisy jasmin lavender

Natural soap Elegance Zeyten

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Natural soap Elegance Zeyten- series produced by traditional methods in Turkey from 100 % organic extra-virgin olive oil. High quality and stylish .

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Elegancy is our specialty. 

Elegance series soaps offer a flower concept with relaxing natural beauty scents. 100 % extra virgin olive oil soaps are completely organic and leave the skin silky soft and elastic. Each aroma has different effects on the mind eg: lavender, after a heavy day before going to bed to promote long-term relaxation. Produced in Turkey with the traditional recipes and methods since many centuries. Soaps make your skin thoroughly cleanses, preserves the body and facial moisture, giving more air to the hair. Pamper your senses and skin with delicious aromas of soaps. 

The health effects of our soaps are eg. ability to relieve stress and improve blood circulation. The natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of extra virgin olive oil are excellent for wound healing, itching or skin problems. Soaps provide more nutrition to the skin as well as soothe and protect against harsh weather conditions.

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