Hammam towel ORIENT 90 x 170 cm. 330 g
Hammam towel ORIENT 90 x 170 cm. 330 g corel gray yellow olive green

Hammam towel ORIENT 90 x 170 cm. 330 g

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The Hamam towel ORIENT is a really soft, wondully descending towel. It is also perfect for wrapping the body or as a scarf. 330 g

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ORIENT is nicely soft and light, fits well even as a scarf around the neck.

Hammam cloth / towel is used in Turkish spas as body protection. It has become popular in Finland and Western countries due to its versatility.

You can use the Hammam cloth as a towel, sauna bench linen, table cloth, shoulder scarf, sofa cover, felt, children's bedspread, etc.

Due to its size, the cloth is light and has an excellent absorbency.

The Hammam towel is very convenient for the cottage, boat, RV, excursions and trips, as it goes into a small space and dries quickly.

Size               :  90x170 CM

Material        :  100% Cotton

Weft Yarn     :  20/1 Ring

Warp Yarn    :  30/2 Ring

Gr/Pcs          : 330 Gr

Wash            : Pre-Washed

Wash            : 40 C° 

Do not use high spinning power.

No tumble drying.

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330 g
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