Hamam towel FLAMINGO 100 x 180 cm.
Hamam towel FLAMINGO 100 x 180 cm. Hamam towel FLAMINGO 100 x 180 cm.

Hamam towel FLAMINGO 100 x 180 cm.

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Hamam towel FLAMINGO 100 x 180 cm, 70% viscose 30% cotton, silky soft, thin, light, quick-drying. 260 g.

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Hamam towel with patterns and fringes at both ends. The fringes are knotted by hand.
Hamam cloth / towel is used in Turkish baths to protect your body. In Finland and the West, it has become popular because of its versatility and its fine features.
A handy travel towel that goes into a small space, lightweight, dries quickly and has excellent absorbency. It is also well suited for wraparound beach, beach chair, table cloth, baby carrier.
MARINE Hamam towel is particularly soft and descending, very well suited for delicate, even babies.
Hamam towel is very handy for traveling, cottage, caravan, boat, hobbies, etc.
Washing: 30 ° C (due to rapid drying of the towel, thin fabric does not collect bagels.)
The fringes remain beautiful despite machine wash. The towel's absorbency also improves after washing.
Not recommended to use a dryer.
Note. Viscose is a natural fiber or cellulose. When producing cellulose, birch, spruce, beech, eucalyptus wood, reed or bamboo are often used as raw material.

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