Hammam towel DAISY 100 x 180 cm. 440g.
Hammam towel DAISY 100 x 180 cm. 440g. pink turquoise dark blue with red stript

Hammam towel DAISY 100 x 180 cm. 440g.

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Hammam towel DAISY is a genuine Turkish high quality, absorbent, modern bath towel and multi-purpose towel. Size: 100x180 cm. 100% cotton. 450 gr.

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Stylish Hamam towel with fringes at both ends. Natural white fringes are hand-knotted.

Hamam towel with the original name "Peshtemal" is a woven cloth that used to cover the body in hamam, bath or wrapped from the waist to prevent contamination of clothes while working. Peshtemal has reached to the present from the historic Turkish hamam. It has a history of nearly six hundred years in Anatolia.

You can use this cloth as a towel, a crib, a table cloth, a shawl, bed protection, a blanket and so on.

Yarn type: 100% cotton - RING - Warp 20/2 - Weft 20/2

Features: Wide color spectrum, high quality, soft, high absorbency

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