Bamboo body peeling cloth
Bamboo body peeling cloth Bamboo body peeling cloth

Bamboo body peeling cloth

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Bamboo peeling cloth has 30% bamboo fiber. Durable and handy. Excellent in the heat of the sauna.

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The durable and handy peeling cloth has 30% bamboo fiber that allows you to use the skin for peeling and at the same time refreshes the skin without any chemicals.

Moisten the cloth and rub the skin gently to improve blood circulation, soften the skin and make it smoother. Bamboo is a bacteria-repellent material. The sauna heat gives a better effect. After use rinse and leave to dry. Because of its roughness, do not use on broken skin.

Machine wash: 40 ° C

Size: 30 x 90 cm.

30% bamboo fiber + 70% nylon

Bamboo world's fastest growing true grass family plant is a highly ecological and durable material. It is used in the production of many products. Bamboo as a wonderful plant continues to grow from what has been cut. According to one study, one plant can produce bamboo sticks up to 15,000 m.

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