Terms & Conditions

Valid from 01.01.2017

General information about Elegant Home's online store

Elegant Home is a marketplace operated by Elegant Home OY (Business ID 0679089-1) at Lieto and sells products such as home and bathroom textiles, gift items, to individuals of full age in Finland and Sweden. Product prices include VAT. We reserve the right to change prices and shipping costs.

Elegant Home is committed to following the e-commerce activities of the Finnish Direct Marketing Association (SSML) Fair Game Rules and Electronic Commerce Rules and Consumer Law.

We also offer our service a satisfaction guarantee that guarantees the security of our online store. It entitles you to check the received products that the products you order will be delivered to you within the promised time and condition, even if you do not know our deal before.

How to order

Products are ordered on the web shop's web site by moving them to the shopping cart and paying the shopping cart content at the cashier's service. If you have choices such as color or size, make a selection before the product is added to the shopping cart. When purchasing, customer data is registered for smooth delivery. All customer information is handled confidentially. The contact information requested for the order will not be used for the purpose of providing or clarifying any inaccuracies in the order. When ordering an online store, you are required to become acquainted with and committed to the current terms of delivery.


The payment service is provided by Verifone Finland Oy (0943819-9). Verifone Finland Oy is a payment institution licensed by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. Payment transactions are carried out in Verifone Finland Oy's secure secure payment environment, so no one outside can see your information. As recipient of bank and card payments, as well as possible card payments, Verifone Finland Oy, which transfers the payments to the merchant, will be displayed as the recipient. Your payment will be logged on to the merchant immediately and your email will be sent a payment confirmation message. Use of the service does not require registration or additional payments.

Payment options

You can use the online payment buttons for all Finnish banks. Credit cards such as Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard etc. are unfortunately not yet in use.

When paying with a bank card, a transaction is created between the customer and Verifone Finland Oy. The online shop serves only as a marketer for products and services and supplies products or services and handles any complaints. The recipient of the payment is Verifone Finland Oy, which also deals with complaints about payment transactions.

Contact information for the payment agent:

Verifone Finland Oy

Business ID: 0943819-9
  Vantaankoskentie 14
  01670 VANTAA
  Customer service: 0600 01 02 03

Billing and Payments 

SweaWepPay Delivery Terms


Invoice and PINS

Svea Ekonomi Webpay (later Svea) offers you the opportunity to purchase your purchase for a bill with a minimum of 14 days payment. When choosing Svea Invoice as a payment method, you get PINS points for your shopping. Please register your score at www.svea.com/pins. Please note the following:

When you select "Pay by Pay", we will review your credit information against your personal ID. The purchase of the purchase takes place at the address that can be found in the population register or if you use the so-called " Strong authentication with your online banking codes (TUPAS), your purchase will be delivered to your delivery address. The default interest rate is 7% + the interest rate reference rate. For a note we charge 5 euros. The buyer must have reached the age of 18.

Changing the bill as a credit

You have the option to pay your bills in Purchase Rate. The bill is accompanied by a Loan Agreement and more detailed Terms of Purchase Loan. Read carefully and after accepting them, return the Signed Loan Agreement to Svea - then you can split your bill into smaller bids by paying at least the minimum bid on the invoice.

You can pay off at any time without any additional costs. In connection with your credit, you can always contact customer service at 09 4242 3330 or customer support@svea.fi.

Read about credit terms and standard European consumer information here. Save and / or print these terms for yourself.

Svea Ekonomi (later Svea) offers you the opportunity to pay for purchases in parts. When choosing a payment method for payment, you will get PINS points for your purchases. Please register your score at www.svea.com/pins.

You can pay for your purchases on credit items once you have accepted the credit grant criteria and filled out your personal ID at checkout. When using a so-called " Strong authentication with your online banking codes (TUPAS), your purchase will be delivered to your preferred delivery address, otherwise your purchases will be delivered to your address in the Population Register.

You will choose the best credit for your credit period. Credit must be handled within the agreed time. It requires you to pay at least the agreed amount monthly. Of course, you can also pay off the entire amount of credit at a time without having to spend any unused credit.

You will receive a credit agreement for your home (2) that you must sign the other and return it to Svea. At the same time, you will also receive more detailed terms of credit that you agree to with your signature. In connection with your credit, you can always contact customer service at 09 4242 3330 or customer support@svea.fi

If the charges are left unpaid and we have not been contacted for payment, we will transfer the receivables in accordance with the terms of the Consumer Protection Act. For more information on terms and conditions, please visit our Customer Service. Read the detailed terms here.

Read the credit terms in advance and standard European consumer information using the link above. Save and / or print these terms for yourself.

For more information about distance selling and trading on the internet, please visit the Consumer Agency website at www.kuluttajavirasto.fi or our credit agreement at www.sveawebpay.fi/tiliehdot. Svea complies with the Personal Data Protection Act. Further information on this is available at the Consumer Agency website.

Svea Ekonomi Ab, a subsidiary of Finland
Mechelininkatu 1a
00180 Helsinki
09 4242 3092

Order and payment confirmation

After a successful order, your order will be sent to your email. Sending a verification message requires an e-mail address when ordering.

Delivery method and costs

The shipping costs for your order will be visible after you have chosen the payment and delivery method. We ship orders by registered post (eg postal packages) or unlisted deliveries, from which the registered items can be tracked with the shipping code. Delivery of the ways we have our own recommendation is DB-Schenker, through which you can get your package quickly and cheaply from your nearest R-Kiosk. Other delivery modes are available to you, such as "Matkahuolto Lähellä-paketti".

Delivery time

Depending on your order and delivery, our most common delivery time to Finland is 3-7 days. Detailed times are indicated with product alternatives. We are not responsible for the delays caused by force majeure or the indirect handicaps caused by delays. Exceptional delivery times are announced on the e-commerce front page. The delivery days in our online shop-based business are Tuesday and Thursday.

Exchange and Return Conditions

You have the right to change or return your entire or part of your order within 14 days of receipt of your order under the Finnish Consumer Protection Act. The right to return applies only to unused and merchandise products in the original packaging.

When returning the delivered order, include your customer number / name and contact information and your account number for refunding your money.

Return address:

Vanha Härkätie 50


If the product has been lost or damaged during transport or otherwise does not respond to your order, you must notify the parties within 14 days of the Exchange and Return Terms. If the package is damaged in the mail, the product must be promptly returned to the post office.