Business idea of Elegant Home originated from a long-term dream, love for interior decoration and beautiful home textile.

We have close friends in Turkey who have been producers for more than 20 years in the textile sector. The idea matured over the years and it was time to open it to the Finnish market. The idea came true and Elegant Home was born.

Elegant Home is an online shop for home textiles and furnishings, named after high quality and stylish specialty products, in which the modern and the outdated world are faced. In the light of our long discretion and market research, we have formed a relatively narrow range, because our idea is to develop a product portfolio together with our customers' wishes.

The range includes high-quality home textile, for example: soft towels and bathrobes. You will also find unique and spectacular bedding.

Our products have many beautiful decorations; Gorgeous lace, satin, taffeta, bow, decorative stitch, pattern and beadwork. Bedding also features small hand-sewn details.

From the selection you will find wonderful dreams for a wedding couple or for weddings, as Elegant Home's wish is to revive the surviving DOWRY culture in today's modern form. This way is still in use in many cultures.

We want to offer both luxury, beauty, warmth and sensitivity both for everyday life and for celebration. The need for a home appliance can also be beautiful, because it is a pleasure to the eye and a cheerful view.

We are delighted with feedback and ideas and, where possible, we will try to expand the range.

However, it is important for Elegant Home to preserve its image and our intent is to get something different, a bit unusual.

General information:

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